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Performance characteristics of plastic products
  Plastic and other materials compared to the following aspects of the performance characteristics:
  1. Light weight
  Plastic is a lighter material with a relative density distribution between 0.90-2.2. Obviously, can the plastic float on the water? In particular, foam plastic, due to microporous, lighter texture, the relative density of only 0.01. This feature allows the plastic to be used in products that require weight reduction.
  2. Excellent chemical stability
  The vast majority of plastic on the acid, alkali and other chemical substances have a good anti-corrosion ability. In particular, commonly known as the plastic king of polytetrafluoroethylene (F4), its chemical stability even better than gold, on the "aqua regia" cook for a dozen hours will not deteriorate. Because F4 has excellent chemical stability, is the ideal corrosion-resistant materials. Such as F4 can be used as a corrosive and viscous liquid pipeline material.
  3. Excellent electrical insulation performance
  Ordinary plastic is a bad conductor of electricity, the surface resistance, volume resistance is large, with the number that up to 109 a 1018 ohm. The breakdown voltage is large and the dielectric loss tangent is small. Therefore, the plastics in the electronics industry and the machinery industry has a wide range of applications. Such as plastic insulated control cables.
  4. Hot bad conductor, with a muffler, shock absorption
  In general, the thermal conductivity of plastic is relatively low, equivalent to steel 1 / 75-1 / 225, the pores of the foam.
  Contains gas, its insulation, noise, shock better. Such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thermal conductivity of steel is only 1/357, aluminum 1/1250. In the insulation capacity, single glass-plastic window than the single glass aluminum window 40% higher, double glass 50% high. After the combination of plastic form and insulating glass, in the residential, office, ward, hotel use, save the winter heating, summer air conditioning expenditure, the benefits are very obvious.
  5. Wide mechanical strength distribution and higher specific strength
  Some plastic hard like stone, steel, and some soft as paper, leather; from the plastic hardness, tensile strength, elongation and impact strength and other mechanical properties, the distribution of a wide range, there is a great use of choice. Due to the small proportion of plastic, high strength, which has a high specific strength. Compared with other materials, plastic also has obvious shortcomings, such as easy to burn, the stiffness is not as high as metal, aging resistance is poor, not heat and so on.
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