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What are the plastic products on the process?
  Many of the main molding methods are listed below
  1, injection molding, also known as injection molding.
  2, extrusion molding, also known as extrusion molding, is one of the main molding of thermoplastic
  3, hollow molding, also known as blow molding
  4, compression molding, also known as compression molding. The upper and lower mold installed in the press between the upper and lower templates, the plastic raw materials directly into the cavity, the mold closed, the plastic under pressure in the compression under the cavity, curing stereotypes after the plastic Parts.
  5, pressure molding, also known as transfer molding. Thermosetting plastic is also one of the main molding methods.It is the plastic pellets into the mold feeding room, in the heating, under pressure melting plastic through the mold feeding chamber at the bottom of the pouring system Filled cavity, and then cured
  6, solid-phase molding of the plastic molding at the melting temperature, the molding process is not obvious flow, and more for the plastic sheet of secondary molding processing, such as vacuum forming, compressed air molding and pressure molding, the original for thin-walled Pieces, first used in the manufacture of thick-walled parts.
  7, other forming calendering molding, casting molding, rotational molding, foam molding and so on
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